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Iraqi Christian children gather inside the Church of the Virgin Mary for prayers, amid Iraq crisis, in the town of Bartala, east of the northern city of Mosul.

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“I will praise thee, O Lord my God, with all my heart, and I will glorify thy name for evermore.”



I chose to go to art school so I know I’m not going to get tons of spiritual support, but I’m feeling pretty isolated in the religion category.

So far, I know 1 Catholic…

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*ahem* Hey hon :)
I don’t have much…

Thanks so much for this! I’m actually starting RCIA at the Cathedral here in Chicago, so I hope to meet people and make friends there. And I’m so glad you said that about older friends! I always feel strange because most of the people I see on a regular basis and really trust with my friendship are anywhere between 8 to 30 years older than me (former teachers, upperclassmen, etc.) But I suppose it’s better to have older friends than to settle for people my age who don’t do me much good. (That makes me sound either incredibly arrogant or super anti-social, I am neither. And I do have friends my age, really good ones!) But if the company I keep is Catholic, or at least supportive and accepting of my faith, then their age doesn’t really matter. Thanks again, God bless! <3

How do/did you guys keep your faith in college/high school?

I chose to go to art school so I know I’m not going to get tons of spiritual support, but I’m feeling pretty isolated in the religion category. 

So far, I know 1 Catholic…


So I moved to Chicago yesterday to start my first of 4 years at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 

My roommate is an international student from New Delhi, who I thought was sweet at first but is becoming more and more clearly a drinker/partier/faker and overall not a nice person.  She came home at 1am, drunk, last night and then made a huge deal about what a hangover she had this morning. I don’t care if she drinks, but she doesn’t need to bring it here or throw it in my face. 

I have chosen not to drink because I’ve seen alcoholism destroy my family. It is truly a demon that I am already predisposed to. 

But I know it’s college and I know people are going to party and experiment with drugs and alcohol, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be kind to each other. 

I’ve been having a hard time finding people who are more down to earth, everything feels kind of like high school all over again right now. 

I’m going to give it time, it’s only been a day, and perhaps this is just an initial “all grown up” stumbling phase for most.


I’m meeting an international student from Poland tonight and we’re going to Mass together. I’m really excited to meet her (a CATHOLIC in ART SCHOOL???) and hopefully meet some other people through her. AND we’re going to Mass at St.Peters in the Loop which is an incredibly beautiful church (from the photos I’ve seen). I’m excited!!


The ceilings at Versailles today

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Hail Mary! Daughter of God the Father, 
Hail Mary! Mother of God the Son, 
Hail Mary! Spouse of God the Holy Ghost, 
Hail Mary! Temple of the Most Blessed Trinity, 
Hail Mary! Celestial Rose of the ineffable love of God.

- St. John Eudes

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